American Poodles At Work, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based 501(c)(3) organization which breeds, raises, trains, and places Standard Poodles as assistance dogs. We are dedicated to providing well-trained, intelligent, healthy Poodles who enjoy working for their partners, fulfilling the assistance dogs' purpose as an unobtrusive helpmate. Our EIN is 45-3848719.

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Yappy Valley
Dog Fest 2014

Western Mass dog events this Summer ~ come support APAW and learn more about working dogs, as well as participate in fun activities (for children and adults!)

Bowling for Poodles!

Tues, 7/22, 2-9pm
Bayberry Bowling Center
Rt. 9 in Spencer, MA

Come bowl with you friends, meet some pups in-training, and see what it's like to bowl with a disability! 25% of the proceeds will be donated to APAW.


Independence with Curls

American Poodles At Work, Inc. is a tax-exempt non-profit organization primarily dedicated to the training and placement of Service Dogs (for mobility assistance) with their human partners.

As an unobtrusive helpmate, a Service Dog provides valuable assistance all day, everyday. We also train Social/Therapy dogs (who visit hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc), and the occasional Search Dog (trained to locate missing individuals). With each litter, we place a percentage of the pups in working or performance homes, based on temperament evaluation. We also sometimes have young adult dogs available to homes that wish to finish specialized training (for any career) on their own. Email us for information regarding upcoming litters.

Here at APAW we only provide Poodles. Poodles are under represented among the assistance dog population and we are doing our part to assure this wonderful breed is available to aid individuals who have allergies or otherwise prefer the company of a Poodle. We have years of experience with Poodle training and are quite convinced that our faith in them as assistance animals is well placed. Poodles love to 'work' and we love to teach them.

Early 2014 -- Currently APAW is accepting clients who meet the following criteria:
  • Live in New England or a surrounding state
  • Have dog allergies or otherwise require a Poodle
  • Sufficiently demonstrate an ability to care for and handle a dog on their own (possible exceptions for children)
  • Seek a Service Dog due to physical limitations
  • Seek an Autism Assistance Dog
  • Seek a Psychiatric Service Dog to assist with PTSD, anxiety and/or depression
  • Seek a Social/Therapy Dog to work in a therapeutic capacity


  • Seek a young dog to raise and train for their specific needs (a young dog may be placed outside of our area)

As our organization grows, we plan to broaden our geographic range as well as increase the number of roles we train for.

Throughout this web site and at our new Education Center in Spencer, Massachusetts (USA) we explain much of what goes into breeding, raising, training, and placing dogs for these important working roles. We have developed a number of useful online videos that you can use while training your own Service Dog or pet to perform helpful tasks. We hope you enjoy browsing through this information, and welcome you to contact us with questions, comments, and suggestions.


Canine Education Center
60 Chestnut St.
Spencer, MA 01562

(774) 371-0202

Please make an

Consider donating dog food, materials, your time or funds to help APAW fulfill its mission. We have many volunteering opportunities, a wishlist for supplies and services and a PayPal account for those that wish to make cash contributions.

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